Roc vs JBR

Comparison Pics.

Quark Neutral Tactical 123^2

Trying a Macro Ring Light.

Can you smell what the Roc is cooking?

Pics to post.

I blame M4

This is my first Zero Tolerance, I blame it on me liking M4.

Bowie Bowie Bowie Bowie

What you are looking at is this early rendition by Custom Knife Maker John Fitzen, called The "Predator" (newly acquired) This early edition is identified by the fact that John did not put his logo signature on the back flat end pommel as seen on all current knives made by him.. The knife is in 100% Pristine Condition, Looks like it has never been carried, used or sharpened. (It is...

Indian River Jack

2014 version (Ebony wood) vs 2015 version (Smooth White Bone, nwss)

Forest Jack

Taking some pics of a newish slipjoint.

(FUN WITH KNIVES) Picture light but Video Link

Thought you guys and gals might like this: Something to do with your knife when nothing good is around to cut!

Watch Video...Pretty cool if you ask me!!!


Taking pics of my dodo's for questionable reasons. :P

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, And A Blessed New Year for you and yours.....

Happy Holidays from Doc!....I'm not here often enough...but it don't mean I don't think about all of you!..........My Best for the New Year to everyone!!!!! (FWIW) The Picture of my new edc (Bowie) is only posted to intimadate Donut P.......Next time he will select his words more carefully, {goes for you too Cosmo}...Yes?.....Spyderco Endura also pictured for size reference.........

GRABnSTAB TSD Combat Systems "All grip Knife"

This is one of the original designs of the Grab n Stab designed by Knifemaker Eric Dravin, for Suarez International ( a recognized small arms training academy runned by Gabe Suarez.) I always wanted one of these ever since I saw one, but they were always sold This is a pretty amazing knife. 4" wharnie with a reinforced tip Unique Handle design in the fact that every grip...

Can I Interest you in a Micro-Pikal?

Picked up this little Pikal/Pakal made by Boker and was pleasantly surprised. 2" Wharnie Blade, Numbered Piece, Titanium Slabs (heavy) Made from 440C 4mm stock, Designed by Amsler. Titanium Bead, Looks like a folder but trust me it's a fixed blade RGEI Pikal Fighter 5" OAL. Nicely made kydex for the knife. Boker did this one right.....(Boker also made another model in a tanto...